Online Shopping addiction.

I have a problem.
I am addicted to online shopping.
That is the true reason for this lack of blogs.
I’ve tried cutting myself off from the internet.
I’m addicted anyway but mania fuels it.
I’m on over £100 in this week, my own money not my dad’s but still…

I could make this blog all about how sorry I am and I am and I’m going to try and get over it on my own. I am, I promise. I owe my dad about £600 due to this addiction. Like I can pay that back. But I’m going to make it informative as well. I know, I sort of lied. Well, I didn’t because I did have homework and I did have to update my journal. But I tried cutting myself off but it’s like a uncontrollable impluse. Shopping addictions are just a real. Like a gambling addiction because gambling and shopping cause the same problems, money, relationship, trust.

Symptoms of Online Shopping Addiction:

  • Anxiety if access to computer denied
  • Persistent need to spend excessive amount of time on the computer
  • Persistent need to spend excessive amount of money on the computer
  • Neglecting other duties
  • Forgoing social activities in order to shop online
  • Neglecting family relationships in order to shop online
  • Compulsive need to shop online
  • Feeling empty when not shopping online
  • Feeling irritable when not shopping online
  • Feeling depressed when not shopping online
  • Lying to other people about amount of time spent on online shopping
  • Lying to other people about amount of money spent on online shopping
  • Social isolation
  • Withdrawing from other pleasurable activities


Undiagnosed conditions such as:

  • Adult ADHD
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Concentration Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression

Low self esteem accompanied with depression is the most common cause because buying something online gives people a buzz which when depressed or down gives them a buzz and makes them feel better. Kinda like drugs.


There is a way to stop it. Going to mental health specialists would be one as it could be a part of another condition. For some it’s managing it themselves, complete cut off from the internet. But that usually is unsucessful.


10 thoughts on “Online Shopping addiction.

  1. Any addiction can be beaten Munchkin.

    The first step you just took, admitting it. *hugs*

    If you think quitting it will be difficult without some help. perhaps you can mention it to pdoc on monday?

    can you send the items back?

    • I’m glad of that, I haven’t admitted it to my dad though.

      Well, pdoc appointment isn’t a “talking one” it’s more a “let’s go through your mood diary, analyse it and see if we can come up with a diagnosis” – it’s a half hour appointment.

      No I can’t, some of the things are useful. I’m trying to stop though, coming closer…

      • kk, but remember, and think on this. If an addiction, there are excuses and reasons to justify over common sense. *hugs tight*

        There are a host of useful things, but they have to be paid for. That is where an addiction overweighs common sense. The addiction convinces.

        • I know that’s the problem. I justify it to myself and how can I argue with myself? 😉 Know what I mean?
          I know, I hate it. I used to think of myself as this very common sensey girl. Now I’m just… yeah.

          I only realised now as I was manic, now down to hypomanic and I’m looking at how much I spend. When not manic it’s like £30-40 during the depressed time of three weeks. Which whilst bad is… well it is bad. But then mania happens and it’s just £100+ in 2 days. Looking through just statements I realised I had developed this addiction. I don’t really know how to even start. With alcohol or drugs you go to rehab. But with this, it’s like I wanna get a handle on this well try to on my own. If I can manage it on my own, I will stop and I don’t need to tell anyone. If I can’t I’ll tell someone in the new year. I’ll tell my dad. Maybe telling my dad will help and then tell whichever pdoc I’m with.

          • no, I understand, so can you reason with yourself when the urge is strong? There are things you can do, if you are strong enough.

            set spending limits per month, never ever exceed them. a budget so to speak, This allows you to shop, But honestly with most addictions. a complete halt is best.

            Do something else when the urge prompts you, a walk, bake.. your bead craft. But you have to do it, you cant say no. *looks at you* if you are going to fight it on your own, you will need to try very hard. … and it will be hard to do too.

            When you are about to click on buy. Look at the purchase with an open mind. is it really needed? no I mean really? What would happen if you didn’t purchase it, oh I know you want it.. but want and need are not the same. So the hard thing is the open mind verses the pull.

            When you buy and then feel remorse.. send it back. all of it, needed or not. I suspect because of your age, you can not be held to purchases. now before you say no.. think on that too, it could be a way to return things that you don’t want to invest the money in.

            *BIG HUGS*

            • I’m not strong enough then. I can’t fight it.

              That’s the plan complete halt, though with Christmas it is difficult.

              Well, I’ve just bought a lot of books for Christmas because I want to get into reading again. My only worry is when manic and with buying I become obsessed with particular things. Examples: Polly Pockets the small and big ones, Scoobies etc. Like things I used to love in my childhood. So I’ve bought a lot of books, whether this is an obsession or whether it is a legit thought, will be realised in depression.


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