A short hiatus.

I think my mood ring (yes I was given a mood ring today) describes my mood best: Blue and green, This is a sign of contentment and peace. The person is alert but relaxed.

I am hypomania, low hypomanic. Well middling. It’s been odd this cycle of mania.

Anyway, school was brilliant.

I went to the bookshop after school. I never should do it. I really shouldn’t manic, depressed, normal – I can’t go into a bookshop for one book. I don’t know why I try to convince myself otherwise. I like the new bookshops – waterstones etc but you honestly can’t beat an old book. Just no way around it. Which is why I love this second hand bookshop! Just amazing. I originally went in to find an old copy of Alice in Wonderland but it wasn’t there, so I bought: A big book with those gold lined pages of stories and rhymes for bedtime, the cat in the hat comes back (I know) and Lolita which I’ve read before but I wanted a copy of the book.

To come to my title of my blog – just a very small hiatus probably no more than a few days. Why? School work, homework, revision, mania and just general catch up whilst I’m still in the mood. I have a lot to do and not much time to do it. But I love blogging so I even do it when depressed so I’ll blog before then. But I just needed awareness so no one worries.



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