So hypomania has officially begun. Mania will be here in maybe 3 days. Though I flucuate between full mania and hypomania in the mean time. It’s different from depression, depression will stay at 5 for few days and then got 4 whilst mania will be at a low grade e.g D and go to a B in a matter of hours. But I don’t want to jink it. Hypomania is good, I have good energy to do positive things. I’m quite incoherent whilst speaking when it goes near mania. Like a spectrum, it’s a whole thing. But I’m not going to lie. Hypomania is THE best period in my eyes. My creative energy comes out in a constructive way, I can get out of bed, am happy, have high self confidence, increased energy but I can still relax and sleep, to a point.

As for sleep, sleep has decreased to two hours and on it’s own time schedule once again! I know, I shouldnt be happy. But I am happy to be rid of those nightmares. Though sleep deprivation is not back to how it was yet. I’ve got ibrofen gel for my back because as mania always proves, I get convinced that climbing on something or running or doing something extranuous will not cause pain or harm but after climbing all of the car and running in shops, my back began to kill and I told my dad whilst I still can that I want him to give me ibprofen pills and I put gel on to stop the pain. This is why mania tires me out and it takes a while to recover from it.

My dad, has to go to the doctors FINALLY! As it seems he has Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) which is where he has symptoms of flashing lights, a haze on his vision and a black cobweb like thing. It happens in people over 65 and is natural for people because the vitreous fluid begins to break down at this age; it becomes full at age 10. But because with it there is a possibility of a retinal tear which could lead to retinal detachment so he is going to the doctors and the doctor will probably recommend him to a eye specialist and if the eye specialist has anything about them they will recommend my dad gets his cataracts removed which he’s been saying he’ll do for a while! I wish it hadn’t of come to his having to develop PVD for him to be kicked into gear (the two aren’t related usually) but least he’ll get it sorted out.

Though the internet can be a dangerous thing when researching this.I read this:

Just a heads up to anyone experiencing flashing lights, floaters, or cobwebs in their eyes. Get it checked asap. Could save your vision. Been seeing some flashing lights and floaters in my eye lately but thought nothing of it because I had them before and eye specialist said I was fine. No torn retina. Then this morning I got this annoying black cobweb in my left eye that wouldn’t go away. Different than the floaters that come and go. This actually blurred my vision. Make a long story short eye specialist tells me no apt necessary, come in right away. Usually takes weeks or months to get an apt so that sure got my attention. Doc says I have a torn retina and the cobweb is blood behind the eye. Need immediate laser “welding” which was very uncomfortable but bearable. Flash of green light and a pain like a brain freeze when he fired the laser. Doc said it was good I came in right away for if the retina detached there is a significant chance of vision loss or blindness. I asked him what causes a torn retina. He said too many birthdays.

Which isn’t great, but it could turn out fine. I of course agree with going to the doctors when things like this start. If I had gone to the doctors earlier I could have my insomnia treated by now, if I had gone for a second opinion sooner my lungs might not be damaged. Ifs and buts but yes. I’m always right, so my advice obviously is good advice.

But, yes that is my day.As for my night plans, I’m in low hypomania mode now so I’m going to take advantage of that and rest for a bit, I will probably go up a bit later so watching movies, hama beading, beading in general just stuff to distract my mind is a good idea.


10 thoughts on “Hypomania.

    • Thank you for saying my blog is awesome. It’s so lovely to hear πŸ™‚
      I’m currently reading your blog and see you have bipolar disorder too, I’m glad we can relate to eachother because I can relate the part of the blog I’ve read so far. Going a step forward to go two back. Taking medications that have side effects that were either the same, worse or life threatening. Just an endless torrent and holding on to hope that this time the medication will work. But losing faith after each failed attempt.

    • Ahhhh nods … I used to blog every single day when I first started … now I blog when I have time and feel like it … and tries not to pressure myself too much on it.

      Though sometimes I have mixed feelings on it. I know for instance, that I like seeing other’s blogs (like you and Amber and several others), and I could read all my friends blogs EVERY day *smiles* (for instance, when amber does not blog I am all sad faced panda girl. When you do not blog I think, “oh … I hope the purple one is ok.” [Diversion inside a diversion … maybe I now have a nickname for you … “the purple one” … what do you think? Ok…diversion in a diversion is ending.] Or when my friend Andrea does not post … well, actually she is like me and does not post every day … but if that goes on too long I worry!

      Anyway … I am in a rambly mood this morn…. I will see how I can bug next lol.

      Hugs to you πŸ™‚

      • I blog when I have something to say. Even if I don’t feel like it, like after CAMHS tomorrow, after the anxiety has calmed down, mania will take it’s place and it won’t be the right energy to write a blog with, but I will try because I know people will want to know πŸ˜›

        That’s true with me as well, I love seeing others blogs but I always forget to check my reader and so have to go to look but I forget a lot, but I manage to check everyone I enjoy blogs at least one or twice a week. I love the nickname “the purple one” very lovely. Don’t worry, majority of the time I’m okay just under a pile of work and what with my dad not being well I have to help him a lot which is easy when hypomanic but when manic I can’t help him as I don’t have the attention span that long. The number of blogs I do usually decreases when manic as I don’t have the attention span for it. Plus I know people don’t understand what I’m saying so it’s going to be even harder when writing. I know what you mean, if someone doesn’t post in ages, I worry too.

        I love rambles… They are usually extrordinarily interesting.


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