Bad Posture.

I have bad posture.I blamed it on not sleeping, bad sitting, slouching but I’ve been doing it for years and nothing has ever come of it.
But now, we’ve found why my posture has become extremely bad over the past year causing back pain. A lot of back pain.

Fatigue is one of the leading reasons for poor posture.Ā  The skeletal structure needs support, and tired muscles cannot do a sufficient job of that.

Says So I now have to try and start yoga but any yoga classes clash with school, homework etc. So it’s not a viable option for me. Researching a bit chiropractors and physiotherapists can help with this. I mean, it’s really surprising when I found this out because you think sleep deprivation and think the effects on motor skills, brain, body functions, eyes – at least that’s what I thought of but I never thought of it’s effect on my muscles. I think that’s why it hurts to work up stairs and why my circulation isn’t brilliant is because of this. But now my back (top of my back) is now in immense pain and I’ve been popping a lot of pain killers just to get through it. It hurts more when sitting which is why I can’t blog for a long period, rather just several short periods – so sorry if blogging slows. I had planned to write a sciency, self help blog today but I’ve been in a lot of pain. I’ve also got to cut down on eating, you’re probably thinking “why on Earth do back problems make you need that?” Well, I bloat if I eat big meals or certain foods, putting a lot more pressure on my back so I have to cut down a little and cut certain foods out. So now I either have to find one myself or go to my GP.
I’m just tired (literally and figuritively) of having all these side effects from sleep deprivation.


6 thoughts on “Bad Posture.

    • Haha, people in this city are not friendly. Some are. Majority aren’t. But like I said, I can’t do it because of clashing schedules. Fact my dad can’t see in the dark. Also need to come up with a treatment plan for it with my doctor. I’m still fatigued and we need to cure that problem and cure the bad back but the bad back will remain till I am not tired anymore. It’s a stupid and horrible vicious circle.

  1. well, apparently my posture sucks big time too! Whilst I sit up straight (or so I thought) … and exercise helps … some activities have been a little detrimental to my posture. Bike riding for instance. Now … not to diss bike riding…because if you ride CORRECTLY your back does not arch incorrectly…it is just ME! Ack.

    Well… likely my sitting posture has been ack too … which has lead to back issues a lilttle (though my MRI shows it is spinal stenosis and they think what I have I was born with)….still..

    One thing that has helped me…I have this round foam roller that I lay on…lengthwise…i lay on it on my back…it runs the same direction as my spine. I lay on it for about 5 or 10 minutes…make my arms go up and down like the touchdown things that referees do on american footballing.

    And after, my back feels good.

    anyway … you don’t have to do a whole lot. A little at a time *hugs* …. baby steps. Baby back steps. can get a purple roller I bet nod nods.

    • I used to ride a bike and stuff. But when the time? Where’s the daylight? šŸ˜›

      I have no idea what we’re doing about my back at the moment. I also need to get my eyes checked as well but everything seems minor in comparison to the mental illness. Though I will have to get my back done soon. My bad posture is a combination of I never got physiotherapy after I got off crutches and terribly fatigued muscles. So both really my fault because I’m stubborn. šŸ˜›

      I’ll see if I can buy one but I don’t know whether that’d work for me. Mine hurts when I stand, sit and occassionally when it REALLY bad (as in I’ve had no pain medication and been doing things to stress it out) when I lie on it. I need to go back to the doctors but I probably won’t get in this week.

      I know, but if I even knew what to do I could start. It’s just another stupid thing I have to deal with.

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