4mg of Melatonin.

I took the melatonin at 00:03am.It took me about an hour to fall asleep.
Which is good.

I had a nightmare.
Not as vivid as the night before but still pretty vivid.
I woke up at about 2:45 and checked my phone.

I was anxious, fast heartbeat.
I’d lost my sock (I think this is because I toss, turn and kick a lot in my sleep due to the nightmares).

I also keep managing to fall asleep on my hands so I have a “dead hand” when I wake up but of course I don’t blame the melatonin for that.

So I woke up, shaken, fast heart beat, sweating. I decided it was best to lay down and calm down. I was calm enough to start doing thing at about 3:30am and watched a DVD and then tried to sleep again, I didn’t so I just laid there drowning in my depressive thoughts. Until my brother and dad got up, at which point I said “morning” but I found I was still too depressed to get out of bed.

To summarise, the nightmare was a school one, I didn’t sleep that long and it was a pretty pointless excercise. But I think I’ll try it again tonight and then if it gives me any more nightmares/terrors then I shall just stop taking it. But for now, I will continue it because whilst the school dream was bad. It wasn’t as bad as the night before which has now left me with a terrible fear of a harsh wind.


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