One last chance?

Due to the fact I had melatonin and diazepam in my system from yesterday afternoon. Last night could have a part of that.

So I take 4mg tonight. If a nightmare happens again then I stop taking them. Partly my own choice, partly my dads.

I’m trying to keep my stress level down and my heart rate low so that isn’t a part of it. But easier said than done. When my depression level hits a 4, stress levels go up and those stress levels, especially at night when I’m alone. So 4mg sent me pretty fast to sleep. For me to continue with the pills, it has to keep me asleep longer than 3 hours and have no nightmare.

So, how do I plan on keep stress levels down?
Doing things I find relaxing before I go to bed. Watching a DVD being one of them. I also have a migraine so I have to take a migraleve. Just keep that heart beat down, I also then am planning to take the medication at 11pm, so that if I only sleep an hour, I haven’t wasted the whole night.

So wish me luck for when I take it, for now. I am watching a DVD.


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