So I promise this is the last one.

I’m not at school tomorrow. I only go in for an hour at 2pm till 3pm and only seeing 3 teachers. Joy.

It’s the 19th November and I’m trying to think of who I need to get Christmas Presents for and what I get them.
So my little brother is easy. I have got him 4 violent, rated 18 xbox 360 games. Cost a lot. But then I just don’t feel so guilty.
I need to get presents for 2 friends and possibly more (trick is to hand them out on the last day but bring an extra present or two in case other people give you presents that way you know who to get presents for). Annoying as i have found the perfect present for my sister.

Then I have my older siblings. So I won’t see my sister or her son or his son. probably not till Easter so not a lot of point.
My older brother, TB, possibly. But then I don’t really know what.
I could get one for my niece but then I have to get one for her dad (my brother), his gf and her daughter.
I love the spirit of giving but everyone is so hard to buy for and it’s expensive.

I need to go brush my teeth and I will after I finish this blog.
I will write a blog when I have fully woken up tomorrow morning.
I’m mulling over the idea of writing the story. They said it’ll be good to externalise it.
Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a good idea.
Anyway, I have go to be going now.

Have a good night.


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