You’re all probably annoyed by these now.But I’m writing this now to avoid distraction later.

I have some more homework to do and I have sort of done my personal statement, wanna read what I put?

I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction, listening to music, watching crime TV programmes and going out with family and friends. A lot of people say I am good at listening and giving advice on everything from school work to social life. This makes me a good problem solver. I have good verbal skills, flexible to change, hardworking, I am good a working to deadlines, have good organisation skills and I am good with people. Some of the things I am most proud of are the grades I got in year 10, such as an A* in history and RE as well as my articles for *school newspaper* which I wrote in year 10 and my peer support work in year 9. In year 10, as part of my health and social course I took part in a week’s placement at Age Concern Day centre which gave me good work experience. Health and Social course also provided me with the chance to gain a Health and Hygiene certificate meaning I am certified to work with and around food.

That’s it. I can’t really think of much else…

So, I have to do some more homework. So I’ll do that for the next hour, brush my teeth, take melatonin and off to bed.

I think the real test of whether it was sleep affecting my mood is by school tomorrow. I’ve been feeling a little sharper mentally. So logically if its sleep my moods should improve. Now at home it’s not a fair test as I have all the comforts and there’s no people around. At school is where depression is hard hitting.


2 thoughts on “Premelatonin.

  1. hmmm you have been feeling sharper since the melatonin started?

    ok to add to your personal statement. compassionate. emphatic, very bright, persistent, …. oh and like purple and are short…. *giggles* oh oh…

    *hugs* Sleep well Munchkin. Nice dreams tonight. 🙂

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