Email Questions…

So I haven’t done these in a long time. But I get asked a lot of similar questions, so I thought I’d address it here:

Have you got anything we can follow you on?
Tumblr and Twitter.

I also have been giving my facebook out to some people, if we have been emailing for a period of time. But it’s under the condition they won’t post anything on my wall about this site or my mental illness. Though if they want to post anything else on my wall they’re welcome, or if they want to talk in chat.

Why don’t you have your real name on this blog but are perfectly willing to give it out in email?

A few reasons. One of them is that I know some people feel comfortable giving nicknames and not knowing the name of the person they’re talking to, while others don’t. Secondly, call me paranoid but if I have my name on this blog then I feel someone will find me from school and whilst I am not ashamed of majority of stuff on here if it got out. I know I’d be teased and make a lot of people unhappy if they figured out who I was talking about because many people aren’t idiots.

What religion are you?

Well, I don’t really know. I really suppose I am an athiest but I also identify a bit as a neo-pagan.

How old are you?

16 years.

What do you look like?

Hazel eyes, white skin (occasionally pink), shortish hair which is dark brown with the faintest hint of blonde in it as I used to be really blonde when I was younger.


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