I still haven’t made the cakes. I was going to early this afternoon but my dad decided to get the washing machine out. So when my dad goes to the laundrette, I’ll bake. I bought some vanilla flavouring today. Dno whether to put that in the icing or the cake. Probably the icing is a better plan because if they don’t like it they can scrape it off.

Currently I’m a 2 on the depression scale. I feel nauesous but I have felt that every morning. Anxiety or just a bad tummy. When I went doctors on Thursday, I began to get quite faint. Drunk like. Falling over, slurred speech, irritability, light headness. But when I came home and had dinner, I was fine. So I think maybe I just am having extreme reactions to hunger. But my dad said to keep an eye on it as I have a genetic link to diabetes. But I said that he was over reacting. Extreme sleep deprivation and hunger do not go. No one can function on that.
But that’s not related to the nausea. That’s just something. Maybe the melatonin is just exagerrating it. Aside from that I don’t think there are any long lasting side effects Though those terrors are distressing and if I keep having them my body will just fight the melatonin. I know that is probably unlikely but my body is a stubborn little thing.

I didn’t do the homework I’d planned to do though I can do it later on. But I’m taking the pill between 9:30 to 10:30pm. So I haven’t actually got long to do things. My dvd remote is still broken so I can’t watch a DVD.

for a picture of the cakes.

I was talking to an email friend today about the photos blog and she made an interesting comparison. She said that “It’s weird in a good way how your normal blog is serious and full on and your photo blog is just sort of well the opposite. Like just normal everyday things. I like it”

So that’s awesome.

Well, I haven’t really bee up to much today. But I shall bake those cakes now.


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