Premelatonin tonight.

So it’s 21:09 according to my computer.So I’ll be taking my melatonin soon.
I’m supposed to develop a night time schedule.

How is this for one?
Reply to emails. Brush my teeth. Listen to music for 10 minutes to get me in a state I can chill at. Take the melatonin. Lie down. Pray to God it works.

I was in a happy mood. Joking with my brother. A mixed episode, I would have termed it. But then my dad “playfully” put his arm around me. I told him to let go. He didn’t. He did let go. It wasn’t nastily. I just can’t stand things round my neck. I tried to kill myself with the belt thing from a dressing gown when I was 10 and I haven’t worn anything around my neck since. The only thing I can tolerate is necklaces. I wear a locket all the time. I’ll upload a picture of it on photosblog at some point. So that made me go down. But when I told my dad that I didn’t like it and not to do it again. He told me to “grow up”. So now I’m depressed again.

I have to write some things in my j0urnal. Mainly about melatonin. Then I’ll start with the little schedule thing. But I have an hour, basically starting now. So start the countdown…


3 thoughts on “Premelatonin tonight.

  1. nods a schedule is very important. and relaxing things before your nap.

    it would be a good time for a funny good night story. But then you would be all keyed up to hear the ending. *grins*

    sleep well please Munchkin. *hugs*

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