How did it go?

Well it’s 4:38am. So not brilliant.
I must confess, I have been awake quite a while but i have been enjoying listening to the rain.
The melatonin works in a sense. It did send me to sleep. But only for about 3 hours but with no nightmare so that’s a start.
Maybe once it starts building up in my blood it will work better.


6 thoughts on “How did it go?

  1. well darn.

    Encouraging though perhaps. No nightmare is great. 🙂

    I am not sure if it is cumulative. the effect. Watch carefully for side effects however please.

    You must have felt a calming effect from it, that may help too. *hugs*

          • kk, I don’t know if they gave you information about that. There are different types, some need to be taken before you try to sleep, maybe 30 minutes, some longer.

            Do you know much about it? It is not a sleeping pill, and the body produces it, It is a hormone. I can send you some links that have some great information about it if you wish.

            Do you know the type they gave you, is it coated? If so it is a timed release dose, and will last about three hours. At that point it is hoped the body is producing it and your sleep continues.

            • They did. They said take it an hour before you want to sleep. But he said that once I’d taken it no computers, tv, exercise etc. So aside from lie down what was there?

              Yeah, I know what melatonin is. it comes from the pituary gland. He gave me information but I knew what melatonin is and where it comes from anyway as I’d learnt about it.

              Hm, I dno. Doesn’t say. It probably is time released. Then could that be it? Why I only slept 3hrs because my body didn’t produce any?

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