If you were alive at the turn of the millenia, you would know about Y2K, from what I knew at the time (being only 4) and from what I have heard it was this united fear that the world was going to end and that all the computers and electronics would turn against them and break. All this stuff. It’s quite incredible.I mention this only to say that I feel today I feel like my household (dad, younger brother and I) is having it’s own mini Y2K.
As you know my computer went wrong. £150 to fix.
Then my phone. I won an auction for one one eBay and hopefully it’s unlocked to 3 (factory) so I can downgrade… internet jargon. I’ll stop. But that was about £112.
A red car we had broke. So we got another with some negiotating for something like £150-£200.
The washing machine has broken. Yet to get another or get it fixed. The problem with the washing machine is that the catch has broken and so the washing machine won’t start. But it’s been leaking water for ages, I thought something related to that would blow the washing machine out.
But the main reason I wrote this blog is because it is 11:52am at the current moment and I am not at school and not due to mental illness but car trouble. The new car’s gaskit blew. When we started to drive this morning the car didn’t have much power but would boast every so often so dad continued to drive. We were about to turn the corner to a nearby school (but not our school) and it cut, so my brother and dad pushed the car to the side of the road.
My dad then had to call people and due to how early it was (about 8:30) no one would pick up except one but he took ages to come so we had to get a taxi but during that some woman phoned telling dad that her husband (my dad’s friend for 20 years) died. I suppose my dad’s at that age where they start dropping off. Not to be offence but it’s true. Several people he knows have had heart attacks. All the more reason for a health check. If he died, we all know I wouldn’t cope and drastic things would happen. Probably including drugs, suicide and psychosis.
By the time there was a resolution it was about 11:50am and if he drove us in we’d get there in time for me to have health, lunch, RE and PE. I forgot to do my RE homework because I was so hyped. Plus I can make up for the work I missed tomorrow in the library. I’m, hypomanic. With sore ears. Damn ear infections.
I should be doing my RE homework but I’m feeling very sociable and thought I should blog.

So I have some news. I’ve started another blog just for photos. I know what you’re thinking. “OLS (obviouslittlesecret) you’ll start it but won’t keep up with it when depressed” and you are justified for thinking that. But I will keep it up. Some of the pictures will be internet findings but most will be pictures to give and insight into my life and I think it’s better sometimes so you can interpret me yourselves rather than just with the obviously biased information I put out about myself. I will release the link when I am happy with the layout and such and it’s all finely tuned and seeable by the public.

Now I have to go and delete the internet history as I am using my dad’s computer and I wouldn’t want him stumbling across this blog accidentally.


14 thoughts on “Y2K

  1. interesting how cars computers and phones are so close in price. Good thing they dont charge by size..well unless they went down from 150.. so phones would be hmmm shillings? lol, I don’t know what your currency names are.

    but awww, it is annoying when things break at the same time.


    • That’s true. Though the computer price was just to get it fixed. The phone was to get a second hand one. The car I think we gave the old one for scrap value and some cash. Haha, I wish they did charge by size. Smaller things break easier.
      We have penny and pound. so everything is penny so there’s 1 penny, 2 pence, twenty pence, 50 pence, one pound, 5 pounds etc etc. What;s candian currency? It’s not the same as America’s is it?

      It is. We’re not that rich (we’re actually considerably poor). So it’s terrible but now my dad has to buy a suit. I thought he already had one as he went to someone else’ funeral last year.


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