You’ve probably realised that today is the 14th, so tomorrow is the 15th (I know it’s mind blowing). So CAMHS is tomorrow. I have to write this blog now as I am at school tomorrow and I don’t have a phone to write it on the way there. So how am I feeling?

Nervous: I don’t know what they want or are going to do. Least with the paid for pdoc there are set plans. I know the next time I go it will be to discuss the mood diary and probably get a diagnosis. I don’t know what this involved and whether it’ll be just another assessment with no real outcome or whether they’ll give me a diagnosis. Like an offical one rather than “it seems like bipolar, but I don’t know, we need to assess you more”.

Worried: Partly because I will be offically labelled as a bipolar *insert type here* girl and all the lovely discrimination that comes with it. I already experience some discrimination, experiencing it more will just kill me. Possibly. Probably no. I do have a flair for the dramatic. Also to which mood I’ll be in. Mixed episode and mania give me the confidence to stand up for myself but mania means I will talk to no end and will reveal things I will regret later and that do not and should not be discussed on the first meeting of them. Whereas a mixed episode will give me a temper and an attitude to match. It won’t be a productive atmosphere.

Excited: Maybe well finally get somewhere.

Happy: I get to have lunch but miss one period of history. Though if we’re watching a movie. I will be sad šŸ˜„

Prepare for an uber (never used that word before, maybe never will again) long blog tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “PreCAMHS

  1. I have been thinking of tomorrow quite a bit today Munchkin. I have two thoughts on it, sort of like you. One that they read your mood diary and proceed from there realistically. Or two that they assess, and proceed from there with more appointments, but more quickly as you will have the diary.

    So, I feel you need to tell who ever listens about how things are going. actually I would spend a bit of time tonight writing it out so they can read it, perhaps two or more copies. Your mood swings, possibility of ptsd, hallucinations and your dislocative episodes. suicidal thoughts too munchkin. Panic attacks, no sleep…. Tell them this, and do it all calmly, express how you want to feel better, you don’t like how it just keeps going. It is worth the effort, to write it all down. It will show them how much you are being tormented and how you want to get better. Writing it down will help you remember everything you want to tell them while calm.

    nods, a label. labels are sad sometimes. I have told you this before though, so many that once treated, they go on and no one knows, their lives return to what they want.

    I will be really waiting to see how things go tomorrow. I really hope for the best, but, just in case, prepare for another appt soon, they may want to asses more first. It would be so great though, if someone with a bit of back bone and a brain put things together and acted faster for you. This is what I am going to hope for and think about.

    I am going to say good luck, good luck to resolve things.

    *hugs lots* *lots and lots*

    • Yes, in a perfect world that would be a good plan but they’re probably not going to do that and that what sucks.

      I wrote it on the computer šŸ˜› So no need, I can just print copies xD and I wrote it on the computer so they can read it. I don’t need to do anything more to it xD
      I can’t write about PTSD because you know what professionals are like. They then will think you’re self diagnosing and creating all this imaginary stuff for yourself. The dissociative episodes and hallucinations I have already wrote about.

      Haha, I love the fact you have faith they will do right by me but it’s not me being pessimistic, it’s me being realistic. They won’t. They will push the appointments as far as they can apart to get me to 18 or just add ones in I don’t need. That’s why I have more faith in my paid for pdoc.

      Thanks šŸ™‚

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