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Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you’re schizophrenic, depressed, any type of bipolar, PTSD, have borderline personality disorder or any type of mental illness. We all function with it differently. Some are high functioners. I think majority of the time I am a high functioner. But like this post says: “being high-functioning means no one believes I have it” and that is the case a lot of the time. I feel a lot of my teachers are divided. Some teachers will offer extra support and some will just give me judging looks. They think I deal with it well. I do, I suppose. I just don’t always deal with it well enough to be trusted in some situations. The fact is just because you act one way in from of some people doesn’t mean you act that way in front of others. If it is not always obvious, people will deny you have it. Bipolar isn’t the same as it is portrayed in things like 90210 (something I watched a long, long time ago), you are not obvious all the time. When you’re depressed you’re not throwing fits, you may only show it by being quiet and being socially withdrawn. Mixed can be the same sort of deal and whe you’re alone you freak out. Mania… Yeah, you can’t really hide that.

So is this fair? no! Of course not! It is completely unjustified and reinforces the idea that we should act crazy to prove we’re crazy. Not that we should prove it, we have enough to deal with. The problem I suppose is mental illness has become a fashion. In the past few years the number of teens who say they’re depressed to people but are just blatantly not, hinder people with real mental illnesses. I know it’s easy to say they didn’t have it. But they went on about it for several weeks and the it stopped. No treatment. No nothing.

So how should we cope with being disbelieved? We say “fuck ’em” and carry on being ourselves and if they don’t believe us then they don’t. I just hope the regret it when a person snaps.

Don’t feel bad if you are a low functioner, you are still amazing for still being alive and obviously continue that. Just rejoice. I hate being disbelieved as much as the next person but we can’t force anyone to do anything. People can deny anything if they try hard enough.


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  1. I would suggest, if you can do it, perhaps when the right mood is there, to approach the teachers that you feel don’t understand, and quietly lay it out for them. explain things, how the moods change, how powerful they are, Why you feel the way you do at times, suggest sites to look at for information. you could have that printed out so you could give them the sheet… or just print out what you would like to tell them, again with some sites they could visit for more information and give it to them. I think that would be a powerful thing to do. you may help others too, in the future.

    see, I plan on changing the world. If I have to do it one person at a time, or a bunch at a time, I am going to change it.

    wanna help? 🙂

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