Current Thoughts…

So one of the things with mania is racing thoughts. So to straighten out my thoughts, I’ve decided to write a blog.
I’m currently thinking that I haven’t wrote in my journal and it really needs updating. I can’t write several weeks worth as well as camhs and doctors. It’s just insane.
I’m now thinking that I’m bored and fidgety. I want to do something creative but everything creative means waking up my dad.
I’ve now thought to make my thoughts complicated, I shall listen to music. Song? Not known yet.
I’m not thinking how whilst I have increased self confidence, there is a hint of scared and anxiety about school tomorrow.
Partly because I have to see SK. Partly because JLS and SK will be together last lesson when JLS will be hyped up due to being around me. My mania seems to hype her up. She hypes me up more. It’s not a good situation. Partly because I have to talk to my health teacher about how I can’t do work experience in March because the form needs to be in for end of December and no one can predict how I’ll be in March and if I’m still bad or the medication makes me a bit “off balance” then I shouldn’t really be around vunerable groups.
Forgot to buy conditioner so used two different shampoos to wash hair. Hair seems unusually full and soft.
I’m now thinking that a comedy show  would be the best thing to watch.
Now I’m worried about the come down from mania to depression. But now I’m high again…I wanna bake. Baking is what I commonly do during mania and I haven’t recently because there have been better things. But usually I do get convinced around 4am to start baking. Should be fun! Dad might be mad… But who could be mad at someone as wonderful as me?! I’ve lost that train of thought….

I can’t even get it back….

… Im going to stop writing now! Night lovelies!


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