“Look behind you, it’s your biggest fan!”




Manic blogger here, checking in all the way from England!
Just like to amend one thing. My CAMHS does not mean I will miss PE and RE, just last period of History.
I actually can’t describe my day as it was amazing!
Jokes in health – one being about fans ^^
Sociology loud talking, fast talking and telling our sociology teacher all about SK. Due to fast talking. Teacher: Mr WD
History, no work – a film.
Lunch: chips and free pizza (pizza due to five second rule 😉 ) plus malteasers.
Science went fast and SK told me that Mr WD treated her differently (she has a lesson straight after us) but we talked. I don’t really like her still. But if I start something I know others would back me up and she’d be picked on. She’d be alone. She’d feel terrible. Being in that position before, I don’t wish it on anyone.
I’m sorry I can’t write my blog in epicness, fullness and detail as usual. I just am too wired and buzzed but in this disarry of fast thoughts, I did remember to check in with my blog followers, just so no one is worried.


4 thoughts on ““Look behind you, it’s your biggest fan!”

  1. whoppers I think are the same as malt balls and malteasers. Do you crunch them or suck on them until the center dissolves? lol. I do both, but mostly crunch.

    I did a blog on the five second rule a while back, gawds.. seems I have blogged about everything now. lol.

    pssst.. it doesn’t work. 😉

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