My day.

Not too bad. Morning was about a 3/4.By afternoon a 2. Now I’m a 2.5, so bordering on 3.

I spoke to Mrs BG and frankly I’m getting quite annoyed with her. She sorted the textiles thing. Just went over and said “Can you please delete textiles from her time table?”
Done and dusted.
But the thing that sort of angered me was:
Starting at the beginning: JLS needed a new smart card so while she went to get one, I went to talk to Mrs BG. The desk she went to (the student support is made up of desks) was next to general problems desk where JLS was. She said stuff about quitting textile etc etc. Now JLS was near us at this time and she didn’t talk to either of us first. Mrs BG then stopped talking to me and said to JLS “how was your holiday?” I wouldn’t have minded. Honestly but she didn’t even ask me and I was the one who she was supposed to be dealing with. She then did finally ask how my holiday was and I said “bad” and I didn’t really go into much detail due to the patronising face she pulled. She then said to JLS, “what are you doing next year?” (this question basically means: A levels or apprenticeship). JLS said that she wanted to do an apprenticeship but her mum wanted her to go to university – in other words she was going to university. But then Mrs BG got all involved she asked if JLS was coming on Saturday (it was just a sort of day where you go and teachers advertise A level courses) and JLS said she might do and Mrs BG then dragged JLS over to some teacher who was the one who is to advertise apprenticeships, saying that on Saturday JLS should find this lady and this lady and can talk her mum round. Then a sort of second thought she asked me what I was doing, I said that I was ultimately going to stay on to do A levels because that’s what I wanted to do before all this started and would be easier on me then getting used to a new environment. JLS gets the main attention. Just because she’s more verbal about her family life. Her mum is ill (genetic and will kill her when she’s older) but because her mum is ill she has a short temper and she and JLS get into a lot of arguments. JLS is ill from stress. Not as bad as I was though. I’m not complaining and saying my life has been worse than hers. It’s not a competion. I’m complaining that Mrs BG takes presidence with JLS over me when I’m the one suffering the worst and having more a problem with school.
I don’t want Mrs BG to ignore JLS when she’s with me but sorting out her before me is rude. It makes me not want to go to her.

I’m done trying to communicate with them after how many times they’ve – sorry – she has let me down.

JLS isn’t much better, talking about her life when I’m telling her my story of hallucinations. Least she was kinder about it than SK was as she just kept repeating my name over and over.

This school… I swear.

Anyway, dad is making me go to the thing on Saturday even though I already know what A levels I’m going to pick: law, chemistry, psychology and biology.

Another interesting thing (at least I found it interesting) in science we saw how lithium reacts in water and I was like “People take lithium for bipolar and just violently reacts with water, we’re water” – I know the medication is lithium carbonate but I found it interesting how they have made it so it doesn’t explode inside you. Ironic such a temperamental element is used to treat bipolar.

One thing I would like to talk about. In the car on the way home, my brother said I hallucinated today. I was like O_O
He said he heard a buzzing. I asked whether it was outside or inside his head. He said it sounded like it was coming from his chest.I stifled a laugh.
I know I shouldn’t have laughed seeing as I get them. But I have never heard of it. I then got serious and asked him more questions.
He said he had also heard it last week.
I know it’s probably just a trick of the mind. He doesn’t have mood swings. He’s not ill like me.
It just made me think, he’s not over the age of when bipolar usually develops. I have considered nieces, nephews and my children having it. But not my little brother.
I think I might try and carefully document his moods and anything ‘odd’ that is unusual. He might not have bipolar. It could be nothing. But better to be safe than sorry.

How are you today anyway?


6 thoughts on “My day.

    • I dno, I mean, I’m not him. I can’t really answer.

      No we only had a small amount, we were doing the alkaline metals. We are only allowed to do the first 3 and the 3rd is only if a teacher does it. Lithium, sodium and potassium.

        • I did like it but whilst watching it I thought: “I know someone added another element to make lithium safe to take to treat mental illness, but damn!”
          I then realised that I had become what is known as a “gangster” and promptly bought myself a dictionary 😉

          • many meds and even vitamins are made from dangerous things. Likely a lot of what we eat normally would scare the daylights out of us if we knew what was in it or how they made it. lol.

            hmmm you are a gangster now? well that is good for Halloween. 😉 I suspect your trick or treaters have about finished now.

            • Wow, that’s not worrying at all 😛 Don’t worry. I’m not worried about it, I just find it interesting how they neutralize (I don’t mean the pH is necessarily 7) harmful things so we can eat it.

              Not yet only 7:40pm, probably will stop around 9pm.

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