Shane Dawson talks Depression & Cutting.

I’ve watched Shane for a few years now and he is hilarious but one of the reasons people connect with him on such a level is because of what he’s gone through and they’re going through it as well.
I cut but I also deal with a lot of it through humour and sarcasm, I try to disconnect myself from my problems because hiding from them is so much easier than dealing with them. If you’ve read this before you’ve watched the video, watch the video and then read the rest.
Shane is taking ‘me time’ to sort his problems. I lie in bed a lot of the day but I still don’t deal with my problems and I lie to myself because what’s the alternative? Admitting that all these things should have fucked me up but now I’ve got a mental illness part psychological, part physical. Which is all down to me. I need me time but I need someone there with me…
Shane asks “What do you wanna do? Do you wanna get help?” I sat there for a moment and I thought, “I do but these visual hallucinations have started and there are the nightmares and I can’t deny my brain is trying to tell me something and I think it’ll resolve all my problems if I find out what that is.
A moment ago I said “I need someone there with me” – in Shane’s video he was talking and I began picturing, walking around places with someone (funnily enough a boy, it always has to be doesn’t it?) and we just getting it all off our chests. Every last fucking detail. That’s why I need someone to talk my problems out with. Someone unjudging and who won’t tell me what to do, just listen and I listen to them and at the end do we part our seperate ways? I don’t know. Since this is an entirely fantasy thing, I can’t answer that. But one day I will have to deal with everything but right now, I am just in it for the ride…


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