My apologies.

I received an email asking what time I was going to do the 3rd ‘Story Time’ blog. Sorry, but I am stopping them. Just because it’s sort of painful to talk about. I did the most important story you needed to know which about my mother and that fills in a lot of the gaps.

Sorry they ended but what with my current mental status and a few problems not related to mental health, I just don’t feel emotionally ready.

Daily LOL is also on hiatus for the time being and I will resume it when I feel ready to. Both timewise and just getting back into looking at those sites again.

I have to go to the minor injuries clinic at some point soon because of my right hand. Basically a few weeks ago I was having a mixed episode, I was angry, frustrated and suicidal and punched a wall and I badly hurt my right hand. It wasn’t broken, I can still move it. I’m just in immense pain and it hurts to write and type. My handwriting is bad because I can’t write and due to the fact it is my right hand, it will limit me in exams. The likely possibility is that I have a small fracture and will need it in a cast for two weeks. I don’t… I have a history controlled assessment. Was going to say I don’t have any exams but I do. A controlled assessment. Do I not get extended time?! If I get an xray I’ll try and take a picture and say “need it for my blog ;)”

I’ve got to deal with this visual hallucination business at the moment because despite what is being said. This means I am taking a turn for the worse and I need to prepare myself.

I will still write my normal blogs probably several in one day as that seems to be the current trend at the moment but the other activies just cause a lot of heartache.

My hand kills.

Don’t worry though, I will still answer emails and I would like to state to the three who asked. I do prefer emails to comments as I can reply to emails wherever I am and whenever plus we can all be personal and truthful. But I don’t discourage comments.


20 thoughts on “My apologies.

  1. I am glad you are holding back on that line of posts, I was concerned you were digging too deep too quickly.

    last year I hurt my hand in a similar way. I was a bit annoyed and was working out on a bag with no gloves and not really paying attention. For a few weeks my hand was like yours, typing was so hard. I couldn’t write.

    Ibuprofen may lessen the pain, but tis harder on your stomach.

    • Well that wasn’t actually the problem. Just get bored of repeating the same stuff to everyone. Let there be a little mystique.

      Did yours swell up? Did you get a lump? What was wrong with it?

      Ibuprofen for hand pain? I tend to only take meds for migraines because I can’t work with a headache. I’m not taking anything for this.

      • not sure if it was swollen, probably it was, it was so sore though. I really couldn’t type. I know better, but was annoyed and not concentrating on my workout.

        Ibuprofen is good for swelling, most injuries involve swelling of some sort. It reduces that swelling and will actually speed healing. you have a lump?

        now.. delete this part please. I have asked before 1st would you rather I comment in email, 2nd are they annoying you. I know I am overwhelming you a bit. Honestly that is my intention. It is keeping you in place a bit, answering. I also truly care. I can’t do much more than offer you comfort and answer some questions, but I won’t do anything to encourage despair for even glimmers of hope are better. know what I mean?

        3rd, this is important. if you feel things are sliding, becoming worse, Tell pdoc please. He won’t know if you don’t. It is good to keep him informed, good for you as well. You are important munchkin. remember that.

        • Yeah, just like a lump in the swelling. Hard to describe. What was wrong with your hand? My dad thinks it’s a small fracture in part of the bone but it’s probably nothing.

          I hate taking medication when I don’t need to. Also don’t think we have any ibroprofen.

          Haha, wish you’d tell me you have a bit to delete at the beginning. I read the beginning of your comment and approve. It’s sort of a long story. Just these few people are friends with eachother but talk seperately to me and they both asked which one I preferred and they were sort of hinting saying they wanted me to say email and then this whole thing happened and I said I’d but it in my blog. I get what you mean. I answer because I’m not totally in the depths of despair (and I don’t like being rude xD), if I was I would not be replying xD

          :O If I delete that part then your post goes from 1 to 3. Need to edit that.

          Pdocs on holiday.

      • oh crap, holidays. that really sucks. I didn’t see a doc about my hand. lol my first degree was medical so I know everything. *rolls my eyes* It sorted itself out after a few weeks. but it was like yours. I punched the bag wrong, My punches are a bit faster than yours, i hit hard and wrong. I didn’t have a lump though. So seeing about it is a good idea. I know how much it hurts.

        • Well yeah, but I wouldn’t go anyway. I’m not the type to run for help at every moment in my life. Plus I’m intrigued to see this cartoon girl again.
          How do you know what my punches are like? xD
          I punched a wall. A brick wall. Brick is gonna do more damage than a bag, no matter how wrong you punch it.

      • i am laffing a bit. sorry. *hugs*

        My punches are well over 100 kph. The bag is very hard. I can break a brick. *grins with pride*

        You don’t need to go to see him, is there an arrangement where you can phone and leave messages. or email? just to keep him up to date. shiesh, run for help Munchkin. It is what he is there for.

        • Well goodie for you xD

          Not email. I don’t like talking on the phone. I don’t want help. I think that’s my biggest grievance with all of this. I manage things in my own way. The fact I was forced to get help pisses me off.

      • You are very independent. That is giving you some strength through this. To get the best treatment though, communication is key, updating, conveying things, as annoying is it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh and I am not saying you didn’t hurt your hand more than me. I didn’t have a bump like you do, it truly hurts too, I know. Eating wasn’t easy either. Sorry to giggle. ice may help.

        • Yup, I get all of that. Doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. If my visual hallucinations remain as they are, I think I’m going to tell my dad I don’t want help anymore.

          Tried ice. I know that’s not what you were saying. I was saying goodie for you because you can go that fast. I’ve never measure my punching speed because I don’t need to ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Yup, I get all of that. Doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. If my visual hallucinations remain as they are, I think I’m going to tell my dad I don’t want help anymore.

          Tried ice. I know that’s not what you were saying. I was saying goodie for you because you can go that fast. I’ve never measured my punching speed because I don’t need to ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Why are you seeing double? :O
      visual hallucinations have started and there are the nightmares and I canโ€™t deny my brain is trying to tell me something and I think itโ€™ll resolve all my problems if I find out what that is. Getting help will stop me finding out. Finding out could end lots of this pain.

    • Ohh, I’m not seeing it on the blog comments. I’m just seeing it in the comments section above feedback and below pages.

      Getting help with who? My psychiatrist? fat lot of good he is, can’t even the date right. carefully? How exactly can you visually hallunicate carefully? ๐Ÿ˜›

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