Tuesday: Story Time: How I lost my best friend from year 5-7

Before I start the actual ‘Story Time’ story, I’d just like to make a few passages which would be deemed to go in my regular blog.

I’ve been in bed all day, not like when I have the flu (the laryngitis seems to have cleared up). Just too depressed to move. Last night I watched an epic movie and after was going to watch Once Upon A Time and I watched half of it and then firefox crashed so I stopped because it took all of said movie to buffer. When my dad came in he said “but you were alright yesterday” – that phrase makes me want to tear by fucking hair out! I was moderately depressed yesterday so I came out, talked and stuff. But now I am severely depressed. I’m not really in the mood to do anything but lie down but I promised to write this and luckily it is a short story-ish.

So I had a best friend in year 5-7 called NS. In year 7, we used to sit against this fake wall that could be rolled up and she used to tell me all these stories about her neighbours and her cousions. I knew they were fake. But they were enjoyable. But I did eventually become sick of the lies. So I had a discussion with AHA and she agreed and told me that NS had told her she had sex with this boy. I then decided that I wasn’t going to be her friend and I told her and I got in an argument with her. Then we stopped talking.

Short story right? Well unfortuantely it’s not the end.

MSN being the big thing in that year we would all go on there and talk and group chats with strangers were also a big thing. Now one of the reasons I felt confident enough to tell her I didn’t want to be her friend was because people like AHA and KM were willing to back me up. So they began to pick on her, they made large conversations (including me) where everyone would just pick on her and say horrible stuff to her and I didn’t stop it, I just let it go on and on because I was with the ‘in’ crowd, I had low self esteem and I knew that I’d get the same treatment if I stood up for her.

I used to be picked up by TC whose daughter was EC who also didn’t like NS and used to say nasty things about her so they joined in saying nasty things about her to me or sometimes in those large conversations. KM even got people no one knew to have a go at her. This continued for a while but then it did die down when I became friends with the more popular kids and everyone got new things to latch onto.

Sorry, it’s short.

Current feelings: I will always feel guilty about what went down between me and her and I could apologise but a lot of years have past and she seems to have her own friends, so everything worked out for the best.


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