A nice dream for once

So I’m splitting up the Story Time Blog (that’s right, I haven’t fogotten) and my normal one because today’s will be blog sized.

I was running a fever last night and I fell asleep at 5am and woke up at 7:11am (I checked the time on my iPod). The light shone through my bedroom door from the corridor. I lost contact with this light through my door when I stopped sleeping in the afternoons. But it was there. I queried over the fact it was on because firstly, why were my family up? Secondly, why was the light on? My dad when he gets up to get us up for school never usually turns it on. But it was probably because it is now dark till early in the morning or possibly foggy. The first question, I thought my brother was going to his sleepover at like 9am but when I let people know I was talking figuritively, of course because my voice is still gone.

Anyway, my dream.

The reason the fever bit was important is because usually a fever would make a person have a nightmare. Not me, I have a nice dream.

So I can’t exactly remember the first bit. But my little brother ALB had arranged a group of mentally ill people to get together at TB house for some unknown reason well to support me I suppose but why that was the location, I’ll never know. Then we were supposed to talk and I thought it was nice. There was a guy there and he was rather nice and I had what one would describe as ‘a school girl’s crush’ on him. But then I turn around and they have gone, I asked someone (forgot who) where they’d gone and they said ‘Londis’ which if you don’t know is a convience store and it was weird because round my brothers there is no ‘Londis’ there is a pub round the corner but when I was told they were at Londis I immediately pictured the Londis where I go down where I live with my dad, in the place of the pub… Still following? Then a girl appeared (originally it had been all boys). Before she appeared I saw the boys walking in the distance. So I ran to my laptop and opened up my blog about to write about all of this like it was fact. My plan was the boy I had a school girl crush on would appear and ask what I was on and I would say “my blog” and he would ask for the link and I’d tell him and we’d get to talking through there and become friend etc etc. But this girl came and sat next to me, so I locked the screen. But not the usual thing where it goes to the blue screen and asks for my password. This time, it just froze the screen and she asked me to log back in. I’d hate people looking in my laptop. However I did unlock it and she went through it. I then went to the boys who had massed in the corridor, my dad said “they’re not allowed back to where they come from”. “Londis?” I asked.
There were sighs and there was laughter at which point I woke up to said light.

I’m a big believer that dreams have a message. The message here could have been about ‘my type’ or something deeper like my inner self is craving to be around people (in real life, not the internet, not that I don’t love you all but I can’t see your expressions”) that are like me, mentally ill as well. Just so I can find people who understand instead of people who say they do but don’t and use it as an excuse to call you crazy and other such wonderful things. I actually have a dream book. But I don’t think: Hanging in a group of mentally ill people is in there, unfortuantely.


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