Good afternoon from England,

It turns out what I thought was a cold coming is actually tonsilitus. Apparently since the glands in your tonsilitus and the ones in your tummy are the same so that stomach bug I had was actually in the glands going up into my tonsils. Tonsilitus also causes a cough hence why I have one.

I never used to get tonsilitus, however my brother did and he was supposed to have his tonsils out at age 12 if the frequency of tonsilitus continues but it stopped. My dad has his tonsils taken out when he was about 20 years old. So it”s not out the realms that I will have them taken out if my frequency of tonsilitius continues. Only problem is I rarely go to the doctors with it, so it’s not on file that I’ve had it as frequently as I have.

Currently, I have a fever, losing my voice, cough, sore throat and a headache but if we look at the positives my depression is at the high end of moderate. I think my body is compensating for the illness by making my mood better. My dad and I had a laugh about how I was the only person who could get tonsilitus whilst on antibiotics. But it’s that old saying “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry”. So I am going to spend my day, in a better mood but ill – how’s that for cosmic justice?

Have a good one.


8 thoughts on “Tonsilitus

  1. well that is better, you don’t need surgery for laryngitis. oooh, you are probably whispering now. Well still have the Popsicle’s then. custard too. No idea why, it just sounds good. lol. Oh and some pumpkin juice.

    hmmm, me, today.. reports, papers.. generally filling my head with more things. πŸ˜‰

    • Well you only need surgery for tonsilitius if you get it quite frequently.
      I’m not really whispering, voice is basically gone, I can manage a high pitched squeal talking or none at all. I now have to put up with the jokes.

      That sounds boring 😦 I hope your workload becoms less soon!

      • lol, oh no, it will grow substantially, it always does.

        A high pitched squeal… omg, and with that accent too.. πŸ™‚ like a chipmunk? *giggles*

        Just point and use a stern face, everyone will know what you want.

        often it only lasts two days.. or so, hopefully you start feeling better tomorrow, no “or so”, it is your holidays.

        • Well that is just no fun:(
          Yeah I probably do sound like a chipmunk πŸ˜› Least that’s something.
          I have been πŸ˜› But they still make jokes like “If you don’t want me to use your computer – talk.” At this point I actually couldn’t so it was just taken πŸ˜›
          I hope only two days. Though I read it can stay a week. I swear I will be very mad if it takes all holiday πŸ˜›

      • well you can still grimace and shake your fist can’t you? lol. growl in a high pitched voice too, that will scare them.

        two days, don’t give it anymore, write it on your calendar… be firm. πŸ™‚

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