So the secrets of Secret Day…

Im not a natural blonde( shhh don’t tell anyone )


When I was younger I would forge my moms named to tardy excuse for first period, cuz all the mean girls were in that class (English), still got an A though.

I snuck my moms Range Rover when she was sleep once cuz I had to go to mass to deliver Christmas gifts.

And my adult secret is that I like to smoke Swishers (little cigars) when no ones around. Occasionally I fake illnesses to get certain prescriptions, like Vicodin, and I’m good at fooling people when I have to.


My boobs are fake.


I watch Doctor Who. People think it’s a really nerdy show but it’s freaking amazing.


When I was four years old, I ate an entire outboard motor.


I seem like I don’t care.


I just wish someone would try, instead of being afraid.


I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to make you hate someone else


I know I’m odd and different, but I just wish you’d make an effort before judging me by what you heard.


“Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you died? How the world would be a better place? I honestly don’t know what is holding me back from taking my life.”

“I’m holding you back” You replied. Thanks for the hope.


I’m a guy. At school I am the class clown.

At home I go on my computer and pretend like I’m always happy

Mom and Dad, please don’t split, or my mask will be seen and my friends who support me will be gone.







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