So how did secret day go?

Quite well, though I’m not doing it again next year. Sorry. Was too much stress for me.

I am planning to continue with Daily LOL, Clothes Designs, normal blogs and next week is a special feature, it’ll be called:

Story Time.

Basically among my usual blogs (which might not be as contentful as I’m not really doing anything) I am going to fill in the gaps of the story I have left. I’ve been debating how I am going to excute this seeing as stories tend to flow into one another but I from what I’ve currently set up, here is the ‘program’:

Monday: Story Time: My mother.

Tuesday: Story Time: How I lost my best friend from year 5-7

Wednesday: Story Time: How I got in trouble (and out of it) with the police.

Thursday: Story Time: My mother’s boyfriend (who arguably ruined my life).

Friday: Story Time: Kleptomania

I haven’t really thought up ones for Saturday and Sunday but I will.

So yes, this blog is just an update on what I plan on doing.


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