Quick Update….

I’ve known for a few days I was going to come down with a cold/flu. Unfortuantely for me, flus and colds go straight to my chest so as you can imagine I’ve got a very bad chesty cough.

I’m not taking cough medicine for it and I’m not being as my dad puts it “a matyr”. I just legitimately feel that at my young age that my immune system should fight it off itself. I refuse to use medicine as a crutch all the time.

So due to the fact I have a chesty cough, I am not taking diazepam 4mg tonight just on the off chance it would work if I was in health, but I think I’m increasing the chances of it not working by taking it with a chesty cough which will keep me up all night due to the immense pain in my lungs/chest and the coughing so I unfortuantely will not be writing a blog about whether it did or didn’t work tomorrow. Though I will take the diazepam when the cough goes which should be Monday, Tuesday time.

I am going to spend a lot of time in bed recooperating and will blog when I can and/or if there is something worthwhile to say.


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