Forgot to say…

I forgot to say in my last post.

Sunday, we’re coming home from shopping and my dad turns to me and says:

“I got a compliments slip from your psychiatrist.”

“What did it say?”

“That we should go to the GP and ask him to recommend you to sleep classes.”

“Sleep classes? I don’t need to be taught how to sleep. I haven’t forgotten.”

“Well probably like your breathing then.”

“I know how to breath! I’ve been doing it for 16 years, I’m really ratherskilled at it.”

“Might have been sleep clinic.”

“Is a sleep clinic that thing where they watch you sleep? Like monitor you?”

“I think you just go and talk to them about it but you’ll know it 5 minutes what it’s all about”.
“I think it’s a good thing I’m going to google it.”

So I googled it early Monday morning, from what I read it’ll probably be, go for an appointment talk about sleep and my sleep patterns (i swear if I have to keep a sleep diary I will kill someone!) and the possibly stay over night and they monitor you. But there is no way I’ll sleep hooked up to machines with flashing lights and sounds and just knowing they’re there and I’m being watched. I also better be able to wear what I want, I refuse to sleep in a gown. Honestly, I’m reluctant about going but if it’ll help me sleep. It’ll help me sleep. I am annoyed he’s not upping the dose just because I’m unde 18. I swear to God! Medical professionals these days are so disgraceful!


46 thoughts on “Forgot to say…

  1. Munchkin.. go, this is great. you will be able to wear what you wish in all likely hood, they will want you as comfortable as possible. This will likely also test you for sleep apnea. Which is a possibility I feel. Just a possibility, from what I have read in your blog.

    nods, wires and flashing lights. *grins* but think of the fantastic blog you will be able to write the next day.

    Don’t make me nag you about this one.. because I do think it is a grand idea.


    • I am going to go. But if it turns out it is not sleep apnea then I still won’t sleep and no one will higher the medication. I think what annoys me more is that I don’t think anyone I have dealt with (medically and professionally) knows the despiration a person has after nearly a year of no sleep and while I don’t really want to go but I will, I just think that they’re not going to get any ‘sleep results’ because I can’t sleep well in a room I deem ‘safe’, let alone a room unknown to me and with so many possible dangers. I just don’t want it to be a waste of time. I know it won’t be. I just think at this point I’m just desperate. I think the only thing that’ll get me to the ceiling though is if the waiting list is several months.

      • there are other things they may look at. They may also suggest medication, the reports will be forwarded to pdoc as well, who may adjust meds.

        oh, I hope there isn’t a waiting list. I feel very positive about this. Have you booked it yet? The first appt?

        tell them all your concerns at the meeting as well, if they book sleep session.

        • i hope they adjust medications.
          Have you been to a sleep clinic?
          Nope, need to go to GP, probably going sometime end of week or next week. We need to see my regular GP but he only does half days, a few times a week because he was off ill. So he’s full up a lot.

      • A part of all the things that fill my head and to justify all the letters following my name. 😉

        Some of it even sticks.

        I am a bit excited for you, at the very least it means your pdoc is showing concern and interest.

        • No, the fact he’s writing letters doesn’t bother me. The fact he HAS to right them bothers me. Well, not them. He should be writing the one for dropping textiles. But he shouldn’t have to write one about lateness. My teacher’s been told. I know he’s helping me. I asked him to.
          I already said I was going 😛

        • Yeah. Boring as hell if you don’t like the subject though. But it’s paper after paper. No one finishes in the lesson because she makes us do other things. She’ll give us a week of lessons (which is a double and a single lesson) but in the single she’ll make us do a button. If you can’t even get out of bed then doing several A3 pages on a subject you hate to get barely a passing mark is just a waste of energy and too much stress. I’m glad my dad is seeing it my way though. There are only two lessons he’d let me drop: textiles and PE and since PE is only one lesson and isn’t out in the cold and does give me the bit of exercise I’ll do a week I didn’t see any point other than my childish ‘I hate PE, I don’t want to do it’ – my dad writes notes if I desperately don’t want to do it though. Whereas textiles it’s a rush every weekend to do like 4 A3 pages of writing. There was no point.

      • If textiles is an area you are not going to continue an education in. yup, a waste. for sure. no question. It is using up your resources.

        You can just staple buttons back on.. what? you haven’t tried that? *giggles* well staple your blouse shut when a button falls off….

        omg, it was just me?

        • Haha, yes just you. I was more ‘get your blouse wet and forget people can see through it when it’s wet’ type of girl. I used to get into lots of water fights.
          No not going to continue that area but everything else will help me advance. Well, except history as it doesn’t really come under the stuff I may study further but it’s good to have accredited qualitification that you may only use when you’re reading historic jokes on the internet.

    • We have A LOT of American shows. Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a time, American Idol, Simpsons, Family Guy, The b**** in apartment [insert number here], how I met your mother – etc etc. I don’t watch half these shows I just know they’re on.

        • I love Once Upon a time. Absoultely amazing. I only can keep up watching several series.
          I liked Two Broke Girls but it wasn’t what a depressed me wanted to watch so I just eventually lost interest. It was good though.

        • No, which bit of him confused you?
          He used to be apart of the round table. He was disgraced (I’d like to know more than it being just a woman though) so he started working for the king. But when the king cursed Snow so she couldn’t have children, he realized he couldn’t be apart of that anymore because he still had some honour yet and what the king did was underhanded. So Lancelot decided to repay what he was a part of back to Snow he tried to help save Charming’s mother but his mother made Lancelot feed her the wrong water and put it in the wedding wine so Snow could have children and make Charming as happy as she was. If that’s not the bit you’re referring to then the other bit he is in.
          Leaving the king he had to hide away and went to the area of the kingdom that was oddly untouched by that spell. So when the spell was cast he was safe and they created the ‘Save Haven’, he ran it for a while until Cora killed him and shapeshifted into him so she could run ‘Save Haven’ so that if she could get to the other world to see Regina she would because Lancelot was trusted. But she gave herself away by talking about Henry and now everyone knows he’s dead.

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