Just an interesting thing…


Now don’t turn this into an argument about the validity of using cannabis. I’m not posting this to advocate cannabis or say it’s bad or saying “oh I wan’t to try it because it says it helps insomnia or bipolar blahblahblah”. I am posting this because I found it on a website and I just find it interesting how similar this person is to me.

The fact is they have the same problems I have/had. Can’t go to bed sometimes. Can’t even write. Life falls apart. Feeling insane. Joint and back pain.  Insomnia. Bipolar. Anorexia. Negative outlook. Depression. Anxiety and panic attacks. Chronic headaches (or migraines). IBS. This is just one person but I find that we all tend to have ailments that intersect eachother. In a venn diagram you’ll find a lot of intersecting and I think it’s sad that we all have to go through it. I also find that a lot of people can’t find love because they can’t be with someone who isn’t similar to them, like this person, they found their love by being in the same group who take drugs to solve their problems. I don’t have an opinion on drug use. Whatever helps you cope, helps you cope. I just think it’s sad we have to suffer the same sort of ailments. I think that because they all come from the same area in the chemicals or part of the brain we get it. But how interesting and sorta good does it make you feel knowing that you are not alone?

On an unrelated note: I have been screaming, gasping, crying and laughing at two of my favourite TV shows and came to the conclusion I’m a fan girl.

Yet another short blog. Sorry 🙂


21 thoughts on “Just an interesting thing…

  1. I am sure you know how much I bit my tongue. But points out I didn’t give any lectures. 🙂

    yes finding others that are going through the same things is comforting, one of the things i have noticed with the blogging world, They also greet you with open arms and smiles. It is a lot like group therapy.

    shiesh, and you didn’t say what your two favorite shows were.

    • That wasn’t actually aimed at you. It was aimed at someone who gave me a lecture via email. I rarely make comments in blogs hinted at anyone who still reads my blog. But they felt the need to give me a massive lecture before they’d even spoken to me and told me that they weren’t going to read my blog anymore.

        • Haha, I wish we could.
          Don’t get me wrong I love opinions even if they’re opposing but this person took some of the comments I’d made widely out of proportion and didn’t back up a lot of their points with evidence.

      • well you know, I did bite my tongue. But if you were thinking of trying something like that. I would like to have a chance to discuss it first. omg, who do I think I am, lol… but I think you know I care.

        the part …..of what ever helps you cope…. is true to a point, but not all inclusive.

        • Hehe, say what you like. I don’t plan on trying it. I’m not at that stage just yet. I’m prepared to wait till December and maybe that’ll help. I do know someone who is allowed by law to grow cannabis due to medicinal reasons but they’d only allow me to have some if I was desperate and under complete supervison. So that’s good.

      • nope, no lectures or rants. You are very bright. 🙂 I am just tossing that out there for you to consider, with other experiments too.Talking things over first, just to hear the other side of things. From someone so old and wise. *tries to nod with conviction*

        are things going somewhat well today?

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