Deja Vu Dreams.

So has anyone ever had a dream and then a few days, weeks, months or occassionally years later felt that feeling of deja vu?

I have, not all the time. But sometimes I’ll be driving down a road or in a shop and see something and just feel like I’ve relived this scenrio before. It freaks me out but I think it is amazing that I posess this quality! I mean it’s never anything drastic like I can predict an earthquake or the next prime minster but like today for instance, I’m on my computer and I’m looking at some browser tabs and I get a feeling of deja vu and I remember I had a dream about them and listening to the same song with the same emotion and I smile because whilst I’m pretty unsure on the whole idea of future telling and magic I do love tarot reading and one day hope to acquire a pack of my own. So I suppose I’m multi layered in some ways. But I do hope that magic exists. Fairies and goblins and aliens all lurking within the shadows of the forest or space otherwise everything is pretty much black and white. Otherwise where do all these stories of fairies and goblins come from?


Short blog today;)


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