Aw 🙂 thank you! This made me smile – a lot. I feel unconditionally happy now 🙂 Thanky you again! 😀


Woo hoo the countdown is over… it is here!

Happy Birthday to my Purple Munchkin…

lol who is the same size as me. I have four cakes for you, because each one reminds me of you.

First this one, because it is my geek cap now


next this one because it is pretty

and filled with colour


This one, is where  you can go to smile and just be you


and this one

because it is beautiful 

and elegant 


I hope it goes just so great!


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    • Yes, yes I you do 🙂
      Some of them look to beautiful to destroy so it is hard to imagine cutting them. The last one looks like a wedding cake and in my experience wedding cakes are always very nice (not that I’ve ever been to a wedding but people that do bring me cake 😉 ). I can’t imagine cutting the castle up… too detailed. I’d have to say the second one, the simpliest ones are know to have the best centres 🙂

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