Daily LOL #2

Daily LOL #2


38 thoughts on “Daily LOL #2

    • I was hypomanic and beginning to have periods of mania (all lunch and for last lesson mainly) but it started going down hill into this mixed episode. I hate these episodes/periods because they’re so damn unpredictable. I never know what’s going to happen, How long they will last, whether mania will be dominant or depression (at the moment it’s a 50/50 split which has never happened so I’m seeing which way the scales tilt) and whether that means that mania is over and depression is back or whether mania will pick up where it left off. Least when manic or depressed, I know what to expect, people are prepared and I know how long till it ends.
      How is your day going?

  1. Mixed episodes suck. Your mania usually lasts longer from what I gathered, but you felt it would be different this time. You are still on the new meds?

    Does depression go instantly to very low or does it come on more gradually.

    My day is good, I would be smiling more if I didn’t have that feeling about you though. *hugs tight*

    • Yeah, mania usually lasts 8-14 days with two of those days being hypomania. But the hypomania was lasting too long and wasn’t acting the normal way. Well, what’s normal for my hypomania. I had racing thoughts but the speech kept speeding and slowing down, the feeling of high confidence wasn’t as high and the mania didn’t come on fast enough. Also, when manic (or even hypomanic) I don’t have anxiety problems. Not a one. I could be in the middle of the biggest crowd and be fine but I almost had a panic attack in a crowded hallway.
      My dad stopped the diazepam when it wasn’t making me sleep and was intensing my depression and not really doing much for my anxiety. Since he can’t get in contact with the psychiatrist he just told me to stop taking them. If there was even one positive with them, I’m sure he’d of been fine with it.
      Usually, the mania and depression go into a mixed period for about a day, maybe two and during that time my mood will become decreasingly lower till I’m in the depressed part of the spectrum.
      I’m glad your day was good though, don’t worry about me. I’m sure this’ll end soon. *hugs back*

  2. I will worry about you if I want. *sticks out my tongue* I was wondering, diazepam will have an effect on your mania, calming it. It would be a big change from what you are use to. I was wondering if you were still taking it.

    when was the last “normal” period you had?

    • *giggles like a child* okay 😀
      Yeah, that’s why my depression last 5 weeks (incl one mixed episode week) instead of it’s usual 3. But I haven’t taken it in over a week, I imagine it wouldn’t have an effect anymore.
      Last normal period? Before the bipolar started so last year, November, December time. I am one of the unlucky people who do not get normal periods.

      • did your hmm I am not going to label it, as silly as that is, episodes started bang. quite quick? or do you thing a bit before but with not as much power?

        The diazepam is not likely having an effect, though it is still in your body.

        • In hindsight my moodswings started near the beginning of the year but no one addressed it as a problem till April and I didn’t go to my GP until May and people all said “You’re moods were erratic but not enough to worry about” or as my dad always says “For a while I didn’t know whether it was teenage mood swings or something else, but then she got worse and I realized it was something else.” Because the mood swings are being left untreated they’re worsening quite rapidly.

      • They are getting worse, each period is worse than the last. Especially depression. Mania, whilst it is getting worse it is getting worse more slower than the depression, if that makes sense.

        I don’t mind the speed at the moment. When I got referred to cahms (Child and Adolscent Mental Health Service) they took from May till August to give me an appointment. I mean I know they’re free (because they’re part of the NHS) and I know the list is long but I feel waiting several months for one appointment is too much. I mean the outcome of that appointment was that they were going to assess me further (just because I don’t think they believe a teenager can have bipolar as severe as I am describing). Almost two months since then and no new appointment. Hence why we went private so now I have to do a mood diary for 3 months and I should get a diagnosis in 3 months. Least I have something to do to help to the outcome and least I know roughly the time I’ll get a diagnosis. I much rather that then waiting for nothing.

      • it makes sense, but possibly because you abhor the depression more.

        well you know why the need for the mood diary. but perhaps there is enough data now. I would ask. In all likely hood they will tell you to hang in there, but it is good to give them feedback that things are changing.

        • Yeah, that’s why. I mean I suffered with depression on and off since the age of 9-10, so it only makes sense that depression is the stronger mood.
          I dno, I mean there isn’t an entire period in there. He gave me the mood diary task midway through a depressed period and then now I’m manic (well mixed) and I haven’t got a complete period logged. I think he wanted to see the time span from my view. I think it just depends what happens. My dad can’t really afford to go to a psychiatrist if its not desperately needed what with birthdays and Christmas coming up and he’s just saving up for the December appointment.

      • it makes it tough, and I know you are worrying about the costs too. Birthdays… *grins* and less than two days too.

        I keep typing things and deleting them, and no, don’t ask.

        I still need to come up with a name for you, I have come up with a few, but they haven’t made me grin yet.

        • *giggles* you remembered!
          I’m worrying about costs but we actually can’t afford it, like it’s not just me worrying about the finances, I know the bank balances. It’s just scraping by basically. If it wasn’t for child support and single parent allowance etc we wouldn’t be able to live.
          Don’t delete things (unless you misspelt a word of course *gives look*), ask away.
          Hehe, come up with any name you like.

        • Hehe, true 🙂 You obviously have such a good memory. I actually forgot what year it was, so my memory – not so good 😛
          I can’t help it 😛
          Yes a look, a nice but mean look. But seriously, ask or say what you want.
          Yes it does have to be a good name. You keep thinkin’ up them names.

        • The day I can give a mean look is a day the something impossible happens.
          Haha, baking is not one of my brothers talents. My only friend at school has cooking that day and said she was going to make me a cake. That’ll be nice.

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