Rainbow Drops.

Rainbow Drops.

Buy one get one free, 68p! Made it a good day 😉


23 thoughts on “Rainbow Drops.

      • *pouts* I have none left, and this is a real weakness for me. I have hypoglycemia a bit,
        With my workouts I burn sugar at scary rates, so licorice is usually near by. omg… I need to go shopping. wait.. you shouldn’t be eating sugar now, *notes the time there*

        some crackers and cheese. *nods wisely*

        awwww *hugs*

        • HAHA! yes it is 22:44 so I shouldn’t be, but I don’t sleep so it doesn’t do much harm. I’m not that badly affected by sugar or caffiene really.
          You have hypoglycemia? Bless ya, I actually know what that is *congratulatory pat on the back*. That’s awful, but good excuse to eat sugary things on the bright side.

  1. yes and no, it is better for me to eat more healthy foods and more meals, smaller of course. to maintain my sugar levels. If I have an attack I shake, sugar stops it, but I feel terrible for a spell afterwards. I can burn through calories in scary numbers during the day. But my roomies usually keep little stock piles of candy, as they know if I need some, I need it quickly.

    • That’s sweet of them 🙂 It’s nice when people who aren’t bound by any sort of law take care of you. I know what you mean though, it is obviously better that way but if sugar is what it takes then sugar is what it takes but it is awful you have to suffer with that.

    • I mean not taking my vitamins once is significantly impacting but my doctor is worried my stomach isn’t absorbing nutrients properly because of all the stomach problems but that’s on the back burner since I became mentally ill. I just take one in the morning which my dad makes sure I take.

  2. woo hoo, I am not hungry anymore, we just had dinner. lol I am good for perhaps a half an hour now.

    oh, while I remember, have you heard of probiotics, they are useful for IBS. yogurt is loaded with them, and there also pills with higher levels of them.

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