Health Homework.

Health Homework.

What I spent all night doing.


14 thoughts on “Health Homework.

    • So do I. I mean, I’m physically able so I don’t suffer from any physical barriers, geographical and it’s very rare to suffer for me to suffer from cultural barriers. But finanical barriers with my psychiatrist (costs lots) and psychological barriers (I get anxious in doctors, if there is a crowd I’ll have a panic attack etc). I mean it’s mainly all psychological.

    • Depends. If it’s a large crowd of people I am quite familar with I’m fine.
      But when it’s people I don’t know then I do react, it also depends on whether they’re standing or sitting to how quickly it happens. If they’re sitting and I leave in that minute then I can calm myself down but if like in assembly we have to sit and listen I will have a panic attack. If they’re standing, I usually will.

        • I dno maybe. If I could figure out the cause. I mean a lot of what happens to me I can relate to something else. Like in a previous blog I had a panic attack because it reminded me of hallunications but I don’t know why crowds have become a problem. I’ve never been clostrophobia, never THAT bothered with being around people. I mean I freak out when locked in but majority of times I’m not locked in with a crowd and it doesn’t feel the same way, in a crowd I don’t feel trapped just panicked. I mean it’s got to be more inate than that, more buried in my subconcious. I just can’t figure it out.

  1. it is possible. that may come out later when some therapy starts? It is something that can be worked though though. *nods confidently* I think you could do anything.

    Crowds are tough. a lot of uncertainty.

  2. I do you know, believe in you. everything looks so daunting, I know. And don’t try ( omg I started a sentence with and) to fix everything all at once, tiny steps. little gains. more steps forward than back. you will start to feel empowered.


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