A more positive attitude…

I know I spend a lot of time bitching about my day and bitching about my life with only a few positive bits put in. How about today, I do something completely out of character and do mainly positive with only a few negative bits in? Well let’s try it and if it does revert to my usual negativity, I apologise.

I’ll do a negative bit at the end; sorry.

I mainly went to school today because I had sociology and I do enjoy it. But I was falling asleep but just because of the heat of the room, you know that atmosphere which is just perfect for sleeping. But I kept myself awake; fought through the wonderful temperature and closing eye lids.

I then had textiles, but instead of doing work I helped SK with her English homework while pretending to do mine (my textiles, not English).

Maths, again tired and the room is warm.

English, lunch, English. Lunch was mildly interesting as this girl went and yelled at this boy who called her mum a ‘pleb’ after her mum gone in an accident and then when handed a script about teenage pregnancy in drama, said boy told said to girl’s bestfriend that’ll be good practice for when she’s older. So drama.

At the end of English, Miss S, said to me stay behind and she basically said she received the email and that if I needed help, all I had to do is ask. Which is brilliant. But (and here’s where it gets negative) she was off last Tuesday and therefore the email must have come after that and I have history on Thursday and Friday and maybe Mr TD was looking at me evily for that reason which is horrible. I have some old teachers and I would accept a little unresponsiveness from them but he is my youngest teacher and yet he is still upholding the stigma. Yes the staring has happened before but it was worse on Thursday. If he asks me to stay back on Thursday (assuming I go) then I will just be annoyed if he starts talking about it.

Sorry this blog is not up to my usual quality and no I’m not manic, I might be heading that way but am not currently on this scale (a scale I will use from now on) I am:

Here. Mild low mood.

But mainly I am tired. I shall conserve my energy for the possibly super long blog I shall write tomorrow after my psychiatrist appointment.


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