Email Questions.

What country do you live in?


Are you single?

Yes. I’m not really looking, would I like to have a relationship. Sure, everyone would. But the liklihood of me finding someone my type is impossible.

Two parter: what is your sexual orientation and what’s your type?

Well to paraphrase Robert California, sexual orientation is more a spectrum then a box so I’m not going to answer that. I mean since I’m still a virgin I don’t know who I prefer.

My type? Gotta have a sense of humour, that’s just a must. I’m not that interested in looks. Give me a chubby guy, with glasses who has health problems but a brilliant sense of humour rather then some blonde hair, six pack guy with a tan but hardly a good sense of humour. I’m not saying I want the average sense of hunour. I mean it’s gotta be sarcastic and wit, who doesn’t mind laughing at themselves and doesn’t get upset over jokes I make at their expense. They’ve also got to be sensitive to my mental illness and to be honest make stupid gestures and is slightly unpredictible. Like, if I told them I was suicidal and was going to find a bridge to jump off, they’d meet me at said bridge and stop me jumping and turns up at my school at the end of the day (maybe in a costume) saying: “No time to explain, get in the car” and then we go do something stupid. I know how impossible that sounds but doesn’t it sound like so much more fun then constant drama assoicated with teen romances! Basically Jim Halpert is my perfect boyfriend.

Oh, and geeky 😉

Who knows you self harm?

Well, you because you’re reading this blog. Anybody else who has read my blog and some online friends.

Do you have any close friends in real life?

My online friends are real people, but I know what you mean. No. I haven’t.

Are you serious about meeting your online friends?

Yes. I mean, I researched ticket prices and their like £450-£700 return so it does seem unlikely I can go but I do want to. I’d treck across America to each of my friends staying several days. The math would come when I figure out how many people I’m actually seeing but you know…

Who do you contact in an emergency?

Well depends on the emergency. If it’s a mental health emergency I’d go to an online friend although because they live in America, time difference makes it hard plus not everyone is on their emails all the time and because their international I can’t text because my texts are only free to UK numbers.

Do you get any ‘professional’ treatment?

I’m under CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) who have put me on a waiting list for further assessment for ‘possible mood disorder’. They’re useless. I’ll be waiting for a long time for that appointment, so that’s fucking great. But they don’t need to help me because they get paid whether they help me or not so there is no drive to help me or others. I researched them before I went, you should read some of the stories.

Anymore questions just email them to me!


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