Email: What’s currently wrong with you? (If I tell you, you tell me)

I’m not going to disclose this person’s problem, I will copy and paste my answer though:

There’s not just one thing.
I’m just really depressed at the moment and I’m just getting stressed because of things like I’m worried about this girl, whose actually really nice as her uncle is in hospital having suffered a cardiac arrest and she was basically crying in school. I’m pretty sure my dad drank alcohol (again) even though I told him not to, he thinks I don’t know. He drinks basically everyday but he believes I only know about it on Saturday. I’m not like a control freak over him. It’s just twice he has drank too much, one time my little brother and I didn’t know and thought he hadn’t drank and thought there was something fatally wrong with him because he refuses to go to the doctor and hasn’t been in like 20 years and called an ambulance and turns out he was just completely drunk and then started blaming me for taking him to hospital and dragging my older brother on a 2 hour drive just for that and then the next time we found the whisky in the cupboard, so I threw water on him, called his unconcious body selfish because on his desk I found research about bipolar disorder and I was like he drank himself like this because of me it’s selfish and then my brother gets all worried and I have to look after him which after raising him when I was only 3 and he was only a baby I just got tired of it and it was selfish he did it and it’s selfish he still does it. Especially as he knows how I am. I’m also getting really forgetful, forgetting how to spell and where I put things but what worries me more is I’m forgetting hours of my life, like last night (Wednesday night) I only remember what happened from up till 8pm-8:30pm and after that I have no idea, my dad said I said goodnight to him which was at 10pm so I obviously wasnt asleep, I also replied to text messages and then at like 2am the texting and everything that was time stamped stopped which I guess is when I fell asleep and woke up at 4:30am, not remembering a thing that has happened and I sometimes disconnect from reality, have this floaty feeling. I used to have really thick, long blond hair. Now, my hair has gone brown because the iron defiency anaemia and lack of sunlight made it go darker, I cut it in a manic phase – twice so now it’s really short and now my hair is thining and I lose a lot of hair a day which makes me worry I’m getting bald patches (I’m probably not but it could lead to that) and I’m pretty sure that’s because of stress. In my last manic period I spent more of my dad’s money which I just cannot pay back and he wasnt mad the first time I did it but he’s gonna be mad this time because I promised I wouldn’t do it again but it’s not like I can control it. Plus I’m really tired. I also have the flu, which just really adds insult to injury…

Sorry if that’s too much…

That is currently my problems. There are more, but who has the time?


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