Hello, ladies and gents

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Clones. Pets. Whomever found there way to my lovely and hopefully helpful blog. This is a new occurance and I do have to keep my journal (not a live one, a real life paper and pen one) updated which, maybe somedays why I won’t update.

The purpose of my blog is to help you and I feel better about any mental illness that has befallen us and that together maybe we can feel better.

I do love to talk to people. One to one help is always loved. I will help any lovely person with their problems but I do not tolerate abuse. So will ignore abuse. I am on several other sites including: bipolarconnect under the name mylittlesecret. That is if you prefer that your email not associated with me due to things such as snoopy parents.

It make senses that in my first blog I tell you why I chose the name I did. It is because I, like many others wish that my mental illness stay away from everyone, the only one knowing are close family or not even them. But if anyone was to look slightly beneath the surface that I am indeed suffering with an unseeable ‘disease’.

If you wish to email me: myobviouslittlesecret@hotmail.co.uk


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